Things that are Good vs. Things that are Not Good

Why share? Why? Why type your life out and click a button, waiting for people to read? I don’t know. But I know that when I do write, the fog lifts a little.


The dairy industry is dying, and no amount of soy ‘juice’ lawsuits can save it

Wholly plantbased options are no longer allowed to use milk, cream, butter, cheese or yoghurt in their marketing. There are exceptions – such as coconut and almond milk, nut butters and icecream.

The reason for this ban? So consumers don’t get confused. Because clearly all of these people buying soy milk – I mean, juice – actually think they’re buying soya flavoured cows milk, and are just being widly mislead by the far left radical vegan movement.

Barcelona Sights & Mountain Jogs: YouTube

Hiii hi hi cuties! I finally managed to get around to posting my first mini travelogue – a little snippet of my days in Barcelona.

Shot just on my phone and edited with iMovie on various European public transport, it’s not the greatest quality! But, you’re just gonna have to wait for the really good stuff until I get home and really get editing the beautiful camera footage I’ve got ^.^