I’m a Green voting Labour, but that doesn’t mean you should too.

We’ve been lead into a political world that’s on its way to becoming a two-party system; we feel obligated to vote for one party because they provide the strongest opposition to the terrifying second party. Rather than a more sensible proportionate representation system, UK voters are instead thrown into an all or nothing situation and are faced with this unnecessary voting pressure.

So, whilst I believe that having a decent Green presence in Parliament would only be a good thing, the risk is that they would just be a smatter, drowned out by a Conservative majority. And that is just too great a risk.

Be a Visible Vegan.

Being vegan is not a passive state. It is, in essence, a passionate, active and extremely conscious way of life. And though the vegan community is made up of unique individuals, we share a common choice: a dedication to actively participate, whatever our circumstances, to create a positive imprint on this Earth through our actions, words and presence.