From Angry Bin Monkey to newborn puppies: animal encounters from around the worldΒ 

As it’s Thursday (throwback Thursday) I thought I’d show my traveling story through the pictures I’ve taken of animals.

As a vegan, I love all animals (except ants, I’m sorry. I am terrified of ants) and anywhere I’ve been I’ve always been drawn to taking gratuitous pictures of animals. It was super hard to choose, but I managed to whittle this list down to my favourites:

Memory Monday: “What do you mean we forgot to go to Weta studios?!”

So, let’s bypass this writing absence brought on by heartbreak and an utter inability to function, and get straight back to some travel reminiscing: Wellington! Wellington! WETA STUDIOS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Please, understand, that each seemingly unnecessary exclamation point, is, in actuality, an important representation of my excitement… ~ After a bus ride from Kaikoura to Nelson, and […]

Car-crashes, sunset air & Obama’s alien bodyguard.

Β “I feel like we hit that lorry and we’re now just continuing in an alternate life…” 2.30am. As we approached a crossroads with our right of way, flashing traffic lights greeted us. And so did a roaring, timber lorry. Gasps. Screeching tyres scarred the road. And we all went through entirely different shocks, different reactions. […]