“Do you want to be eating a slave, or could you try an aubergine?” – Simon Amstell’s ‘Carnage’

Living in a society where satirical art, like Charlie Brooker’s Black Mirror, is a key way to get people engaged with problematic societal issues, this movie could be a modern stroke of vegan genius. Its self-awareness -: “who want to watch a whole movie about veganism?” mocks its own existence whilst also pointing out the need for an alternative vegan message that can live alongside documentaries like Earthlings and Forks over Knives.

It’s just you and the wall: the psychology of failing again, and again, and-

And I think it’s because, in the real world, I:

Give up pretty easily when I fail at something, thinking “well, I guess this isn’t for me after all”.
Don’t even try in the first place because I am so absolutely terrified of failing that I would rather hold onto the dream of reaching something than actually try to reach it and fail.

Continue instagramming your avocado on toast, the world is only falling apart.

Everybody has their own space on the internet. One that they have cultivated for a particular audience, or their own enjoyment. And not every blog, every channel, can be or should be a political or activist one. I guess it’s just about writing about what we know, finding ways to get involved in causes past our regular realm of concern, and understanding that how many likes you get on your breakfast may feel awesome, but it’s not what you got into the blogging world for.